The Initiative

It has been a great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with young people and bring them into a hobbY and sport that we have enjoyed all our own lives which may also prevent some of these young people from taking the wrong path in life.

Killinarden Angling Initiative (KAI) was setup in March 2014 as non profit volunteer group with the idea to give people access to an alternative sport and to attract youths and adults that are not able or interested in main stream sports. We noticed a need for something alternative to Soccer, Gaa or rugby because most if not all main stream sports can not cater to disabled or older people where angling can be enjoyed as a pastime or competitive sport by anyone.

Over the time we started we have created programs that are aimed at helping drug and alcohol awareness, anti social behavior, addiction, mental health and suicide awareness and many more social problems.

Our main goal is to create awareness to drug and alcohol addiction and also to help battle the on going problem of anti social behavior in young people, to use angling as a distraction to drug and alcohol addiction, anti social behavior, and also to introduce it as a therapy for mental health issues.

Other aspects of what we do is team building, social inclusion, self respect and community respect. We have noticed how angling helps with concentration, confidence and even motor skills ( eye to hand coordination ).

Another goal would be to train our youths so they can go on and compete on a national level in the hope that they might make it onto the Irish international angling team.

We also host weekly workshops for youths where we hold awareness meetings or information and practical workshops.

At present we hold a youth field trip once a month and travel to different county’s to fish for different species or enter into competitions.

We feel that KAI brings many benefits to our community and surrounding community’s in the greater South Dublin area by way of social inclusion through angling, youths and adults creating relationships and friendships with people from their own community and outside.

We also use angling as a distraction to addiction and anti social behavior.

In the long run we feel that KAI will bring many benefits and hope that a lot of our younger members will go on to volunteer in their community ether carrying on what we do or venturing into their own ideas of how to help.