Pike, how Hardy are they?

Over the years I have been pike fishing in Ireland I have seen the same pike being landed over and over again, sometimes twice in the same day! The fish below being held by young Phillip had been landed about 4 times prior to Phillip meeting her and she was named halftail due to half of her tail being missing. 6 weeks prior to Phillip landing her I witnessed her being deep hooked, so much so that the angler had to leave a treble hook in her stomach! We were all worried about it because none of us actually knew how resilient she was. Fast forward 6 weeks and she graced us with her presence ones again and had even put on a pound in weight.

Below is a picture of the pike one of the last times she was landed that year.

Half tail at 19lbs
Then in December a friend I was with landed this fish weighing 6lbs 8 if I remember correct.

The fish looked like it was in the wars. Big deep gash on its side and back and also looked like it had healed some of its wounds. To me it looked like the prop of a boat, who knows?

The fish was weighed and returned, that was the 23rd of December 2017. Fast forward to the 21st of January 2018 and Anthony landed the same fish again.

But this time it weighed just over 9lbs and looked a lot healthier than it had. The scars had healed a lot more and the wounds had closed up a bit. So the fish was well on the mend and feeding well. But it led me to question should we help by way of medication or wound treatment?

Should we all carry some anti-bacterial cream that would be fish friendly?

I believe we should because as a conservationist it’s in my best interest to focus on fish care and handling.

Apperantly Proplis liquid anti bacterial will help in aiding the healing of open wounds on our watery friends. Iv ordered mine from Amazon and it will be carried in my tackle box at all times.

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