Litter on our rivers,Lakes Lough’s & Cost

We have all seen the devastation caused by plastic,most recently hi lighted on Blue Planet.

Everyone seemed to be talking about the damage on either social media or mainstream tv programs & the printed press .

We as humans, are responsible for the environmental Sabotage, we have forced upon our rivers, lakes Loughs , sea & coastline’s .

If wildlife were humans, we would most definitely breached every single human rights conversation we Signed up to.

But back to reality, were not Wildlife, we are human & are responsible for the protection of our waterways & the wildlife that depend on them .

As an angling initiative KAI , is looking at ways we can help to keep our waterways clean .

We recently contacted the Angling trust in the U.K. they have a fantastic initiative running at present, that involves a host of organisation & water users .

#Take5 is the initiative, it’s very simple but very good at the same time ,and it doesn’t take a lot off effort it’s simply asking,People who use the water , let it be anglers , boat users , people walking dogs to take 5 pieces of rubbish including their own either home with them or to the nearest bin .

It might not make a difference, now or next week, but it’s a start & if enough people & organization got behind the idea, it would make a difference long term.

It’s just an idea but something we should do & not see it as a chore .

I wouldn’t like someone to dumb their rubbish in my garden, so way do we dump rubbish in our wildlife’s homes & gardens.

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