Hideaway Lake, a new carp fishery opening on the Mount Juliet estate.

As of the 15th of March 2018 Hideaway lakes on the Mount Juliet estate is now longer a working fishery. It is a shame because it was a very beautiful and magical place.

Kilkenny Mount Juliet

19 km from Kilkenny Mount Juliet is known for its luxurious, picturesque resort offering lodging in a grand Georgian mansion, cottages, a stone lodge and so much more. There has been little known about the 3 Hideaway lakes that is home to a stock of Decoy Carp, Orf, Roach, Rudd and bream!


In 1991 Hideaway lakes were dug out to create irrigation pools but the estate had them stocked. Lake one is roughly 1 acre, lake 2 is roughly 2 acre and lake 3 is roughly over 3 acre, in 1995 the hotel started to develop the lakes as boating ponds for members and residents but went largely unfinished till 2002.

In 2002 they lakes revived more fish from Decoy lakes, and an angling club was formed which only stayed active for 12 months. The lakes went unfinished and over grown. From 2004 lake 3 has been completely covered by lilly’s until 4 week ago when they started development on the lake.

About the lakes

Daniel O’Neill ( Fisherys Manager )
We are developing the lake in a way to make sure there will be minimal pressure on the fish and people can still enjoy some quality angling.

That way the fish wont be under pressure and it will also keep the tranquility of the surroundings and unfortunately night fishing will also be restricted to maybe 3 pegs on lake 3. One of them pegs being on an island that can only be accessed by boat. This is due to private residents being visible from most of the lake and where the bivvy pegs will be located are completely out of view so it keeps the privacy for both the resident and the angler.

Lake 1:
This lake will be fly fishing for trout only.

Lake 2:
They hope to develop this lake as a development style lake that holds a range of coarse fish and carp. This lake can be used by novice anglers, or anglers that don’t have a lot of time to work swims so they can enjoy a few hours of fishing.

Lake 3:
This lake will be for the more seasoned angler or a specimen hunter, it will also have 3 bivvy areas and 2 islands for 2 anglers on each that can only be accessed by punt. There will be 8 swims on the rive side of the lake and these pegs have been designed with with the angler in mind but also for the fish. It will also ensure that the fish have servile places to retreat to and recoup, this way there will be less pressure on the fish.

Our visit

We had the pleasure of fishing this venue and sampling what it has to offer, we went with high expectations after hearing rumors and seeing some pictures online, what I will say it it did not disappoint, my first impression was WOW, how has this place been kept quiet! But once we spent a bit of time there I could see how.

The whole day we seen 3 people, the lakes are tucked away at the back of Mount Juliet estate and not accessible by public. We eagerly started fishing with some using boilies, chod, zigs and feeders. Not long in one lad hooked up. When anglers say ” I was pulled around the lake ” They normally mean it was a strong fish. But when I say, he was pulled around the lake I am not joking! the fish had no intention of being landed and the angler had no choice hot to go where the fish wanted him to go, after 5 mins the hook was spat and every one went back to trying to land the first fish!!

It wasn’t long into the session when the first fish was landed. A beautiful fully scaled mirror carp weighing in at 8lbs 12oz. It put up one hell of a scrap. But to hold a fish in such pristine condition is what impressed us more. You could tell it was new to the hook, not a scale out of place.

We ended the day with 5 carp landed, and 7 dropped runs. Not bad for a brand new waterthat no one knows whats in it!

If you would like information on the lake or inquire about bookings please call:

  • Daniel O’Neill fisherys manager
  • Phone number: 0857652751
  • Email: oneilld020@gmail.com

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