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Connecting Community’s Through Angling: C.C.T.A

One of the Principal Aim’s of Killinarden Angling Initiative Is to Introduce people from all walks of life who For what ever reason might not get involved in Angling/Fishing.

Our sport/pastime is expensive and not everyone has the money to splash out on fishing equipment or travel outside of Dublin.

Fishing in Dublin is seriously underdeveloped so hence the need to travel outside of Dublin another expensive aspect to our sport/pastime.

How does C.C.T.A Work & How Can You Get Involved.

Killinarden Angling Initiative-Kai Provides the equipment I.e Rods & Reel’s bait & so on. We choose a venue normally outside of Dublin so if you’re group has transport it really does help.
We will bring you through the basics of angling, setting up of rods , casting, landing fish & so on .

Our volunteers are Garda vetted and grade 1 angling coaches and also have Child Protection course done.

We are based in Killinarden Community Centre, we are there each Wednesday 5pm-6pm

Killinarden angling Initiative -Kai is open to any group or individual to Join or Take part in Connecting Community’s Through Angling.

This Initiative is about social Inclusion , Braking down Barriers, bringing different people from different cultures & Back grounds, together Weather it’s LGBT or the Travelling community or disabled or ethnic minority groups it doesn’t matter , Fishing/Angling is a none Aggressive Sport & Can be enjoyed by all .

Tallaght Probation Services

​In 2015 & 2016 we Organised two projects with the probation services, introducing young & Adult offenders to Fishing/Angling. The pilot project had it’s ups and downs we weren’t sure if it would work or not. So in 2016 we went back looked at the project again,we had a meeting with the probation services & agreed on a new plan & from that we put a 7 week initiative together.This included a meet & greet with the lads involved & an indoor workshop , we even had lunch with the lads that day . So on Alternative weeks we headed to different venues ,Athay in Kildare, Oaklands lake in New Ross, Co Wexford & Laois Angling center to name but a few. Inland Fishireys Ireland, through Oisin from the Dublin Angling Initiative provided Certificates of Achievement while Kai provided each of the lads involved with a plaque. Our main message to these lads that there is an alternative to crime & Anti social behavior. Which in turn can only benefit the wider community.

Our Mental health initiative

This is also part of Connecting Community’s Through Angling,I won’t go into this to much, because you can read about this in our mental health section. As with the probation services we also had the pleasure of taking patients,out fishing.

KAI also organised Angling for mental health, were we had up to 60 anglers from across Ireland take part, in what is becoming a national event organised by Kai a small group from Tallaght in South county Dublin . We Raised €4000 for Pieta House through This Event. Planning is at an advanced stage for our second event. This Time as well as Pieta House, we have included The H.O.P.E. Centre for the prevention of suicide as one of the charities to benefit from our event.

School’s & College & ITTs

​As part of Connecting Community’s through Angling, we have Also took part in community days is school, spending time promoting KAI & promoting Our Sport/pass time in General. Trying to get students involved in what is a very relaxing sport or Pastime which can be of benefit to a student in a from of relaxing especially with the pressure of exams . Killinarden angling initiative-Kai were also involved in setting up of a Fishing Society In Tallaght ITT. (a work in progress)

Cross Border Peace Cup

​For the past 3 Years Killinarden angling initiative-Kai , At the Invitation of Northern Ireland Cross Community, Has Taken part in the cross border peace cup , were we have entered mixed teams of Adults & Youths. This is a prime example of how Angling/Fishing, our sport can be used in braking down barriers & Division with in any community.

10 or 15 years ago this would be unthinkable, for people from north & south from different communities and back grounds to come together in one venue & Fish together, enjoying the food & the crack. You couldn’t buy this kind of experience & we look forward to taking part in the future.

There is much much more To Killinarden Angling Initiative- Kai Connecting Community’s through Angling is just part of what we do .