A night with Nathan Edgell!! ( Adventures of a River Piker. )

Let me start this blog like we do with everything and that is by first thanking John Rooney and the lads form Pike talk Ireland organising this event, and for extending an invite to some of our youths. Also to Derek Talbot from Main Irish Angling. We are gob smacked at the level of generosity and the how welcome we were made feel. The night was absolutely fantastic and we all came away thinking and talking with renewed vigor towards our pike fishing!

But also to Nathan Edgell ( Adventures of a River Piker. ) for showing so much interest in the young lads. They were star struck and I am sure the gifts he gave them will become part of their prize possessions. Have a great week in Ireland and tight lines on your travels.

On to the evening it’s self, I must admit that I had never been to a talk like this before. Me being an angler I already know what I need to know to catch fish. Sure why would I listen to another person tell me where I am going wrong?

How wrong was I, from the very first image he displayed on the screen I was in, I was hanging onto every word that came from the mans mouth about river pike, his images and anecdote’s that went with them would draw me in even more. The 5 youths we brought never took their eyes off him, an hour into his talk young Luke turned to us and said ” Will you teach me how to make pike rigs? “.

Completely involved

He had them involved, thinking of how to catch pike and TBH we were delighted when they asked. I was a fan, but I also realised that being from Dublin it would be very relevant information for me and the youths we brought because Dublin suffers from a lack of Pike areas, Canals and the river Liffey is the brunt of it. I was amazed listening to how he spoke about his fishing, the passion and his energy had us all silent and eager for more. He spoke of stalking pike, learning the effects that the flowing water has on the bank below the water line, How Jack pike feed heavier than the bigger older pike and how effort is key.

But he said something that rang through to KAI, something we have said from our beginning,

There’s so much more to fishing than just catching fish!

We left that hall thinking, questioning and educated! He achieved his mission with us and sent us home better pike anglers

The cast was as perfect as it could be and I allowed the lure to slowly sink before twitching it slightly. You could see everything the pike spotting the frog. It turning to face it fixing it firmly in the sight grooves, the quick burst of speed, the mouth opening and frog disappearing.

Too much fun…


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