Killinarden Angling Initiative (KAI) was born out of a need for a fully inclusive passive sport in south Dublin, as a way to help with youth development, social inclusion and cross community relationships. In 2014 KAI began by offering an opportunity to young people to become part of an initiative that would offer them a learning experience in angling as a hobby or as a sport on a competitive level with options to go on and compete on a national level, but since then we have seen a way for it to be used in so many different ways from team building to distraction from addiction and even as a way to help with mental illness!

To date we have trained youths and adults to compete in national championships, international competitions on Lanesborogh, and the cross border peace leagues/cup every year. We have hosted 12 monthly youth field trips each year which we use as training, team building and educational programs which range from personal awareness to environmental issues. In 2016 we arranged and hosted Ireland’s first suicide and mental health awareness angling competition ( fishing for Pieta ) which brought huge awareness into the angling community! we also helped raise some much needed funds for a great cause Pieta house. We are also working on a program with Tallaght probation services with the hope that we can teach people to use angling as a distraction from crime or anti social behavior.

Killinarden Angling Initiative (KAI) is situated in a Designated Disadvantaged area where young people, including young people from the travelling and new communities, who are at risk of drug and alcohol misuse, mental health and well being issues, anti-social behavior and early school leaving. KAI provides weekly education workshops for young people aged 9 to 18 in an effort to break the cycle of addiction, antisocial behavior and supporting positive mental health by engaging them at community level by providing activities that have therapeutic benefits for all. KAI links in to local community groups such as Killinarden Drug Primary Prevention Group, Probation Services, Tallaght Rehabilitation Project, Local Primary and Secondary Schools, Pieta House and St. Vincent’s Hospital. KAI provides annual support and education awareness workshops as part of their commitment to education and prevention of drug and alcohol misuse, crime prevention and mental health and well being issues.

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Photos from Killinarden Angling Initiative – KAI’s post

KAI workshops getting very environmental, last week we learned about the cycle of water, and this week we created our own little ecosystems in a sealed jar, or sealed terrarium. A little jar with See more

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Killinarden Angling Initiative – KAI

Angling for mental health & Suicide Awareness (Charity Shield) we will be talking to our printer tomorrow so we should have a date when sponsorship cards are ready.

Please remember if you cannot See more

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Anyone interested in A pairs Fishing Competition?
A fundraising event to stock Ballymount .

All money raised go’s into the lake.

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Killinarden Angling Initiative – KAI

Update sponsorship cards will hopefully be ready before the end of the month.

If people want extra cards please let us know in advance.
It would be great if tackle shops would take some cards for See more

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Membership cards now available, Please support KAI by grabbing yourself a membership, €15 for adults and €5 for under 18s. All money raised by memberships will be invested back into the See more

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Can you spare a minute to help Stephen O’Flannagan?

Could people please put their names to this

Ban super trawlers and factory ships from fishing in uk waters

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Off the Scale magazine

Wow what a milestone, our good friend Bill Brazier & his brilliant online magazine Off the Scale magazine celebrates the magazine 5th birthday.

Bill has supported KAI in many ways over the years See more

*Today marks the 5th birthday of Off the Scale magazine!*

When issue 1 was released on 29th January all those years ago, I had no idea it would grow into what it has become today. A publication read See more

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Don’t forget the registration tonight from 6pm

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2020 Memberships now available. This membership is from January to January. To get a membership you can message us here, drop into killinarden community centre or you can buy through PayPal and we See more

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Time flys

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